Jelq Exercise – Step-By-Step Guide

Jelq Exercise – Step-By-Step Guide

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The Jelqing Technique (also called Jelk or Jelking) is a manual penis enlargement exercise that forces blood into your penis. By learning how to jelk, and by performing jelqing regularly over time, you can permanently deform the chambers in your penis that hold blood, to make them bigger and thereby increasing your overall penis size.

Below is the jelk exercise described step-by-step:

1)First of all you’d need to warm up your penis to get the circulation going. To do this, simply soak a washcloth in hot water (not hot to the point of scalding), wring it out, wrap it around your flaccid or erect shaft, and hold it for 2 minutes. Then repeat this for at least 3 more times.

2)Before doing the jelq exercise, make sure that you do not have a full erection. Doing jelqing on a full erection will result in vein damage!

3)Lubricate your penis by applying a few drops of Vaseline to your entire penis. (Do not use shampoo or soup – otherwise you’d be sore for weeks to come!)

4)Using your thumb and index finger, make a ring around the base of your shaft. Slide your hand upwards until you just reach the head. Repeat this motion with your other hand and keep alternating, with every stroke lasting about 2 seconds. When your first hand reaches the head, start with your second hand at the base.

5)If you find that you’re getting an erection, either stroke harder to discourage it or stop and wait until it goes away. While waiting, encourage circulation by slapping the partially erect penis.

6)Do 200-300 jelks per day at medium strength for the first week (this should take about 10 minutes), then 300-500 strokes per day at medium to full strength for the next week (which should take about 15 minutes). After that, do 500 or more strokes per day, as many as you want.

If you feel any discomfort, find blisters or bruises, or feel or see other signs of trouble, stop jelqing and rest for a day or two until the trouble goes away. You need to monitor your penis very closely for signs of any problems. After all, you wouldn’t want to permanently damage one of the most important parts of your body through carelessness, would you?

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