How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally in the Shortest Time Possible

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally in the Shortest Time Possible

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Would you like to know how to make your penis bigger naturally in the shortest time possible?   Below are some of the most popular methods you can use to make your penis bigger naturally, as well as some methods that will not actually work too well, if at all.  Without further ado, here they are:

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises, for example stretching and jelqing, have proven themselves effective in permanently increasing penis size.  These exercises are designed to make the blood chambers in your penis larger and larger, to result in an increase in penis size. By performing manual exercises regularly and persistently over time, your penis will gradually grow. This is a guaranteed method for enlarging your penis in a relatively safe way.  We highly recommend that you check out this website for more information.

Penis Extenders

Because you can only stretch your penis for so long each day before your hands will get tired, you really need to get a penis extender (also called penis stretchers) to maintain that stretch to get fast gains. A penis extender will free up your hands, so that you can enlarge your penis while sleeping, watching tv, or even while you’re at work. Click here for a comparison of penis extenders that have proven to bring good results.

For fast gains, nothing beats a combination of manual exercises and the use of a good penis extender. Over the past few years I’ve managed what I consider to be pretty impressive gains. (For my stats please see the “About Me” page.)  I highly recommend getting the X4 Labs Penis Extender, which is the most comfortable extender I’ve used and one of the cheapest ones on the market today.  I’ve used it to gain 1.05″ over a six month period.  You can find a review of X4 Lab Extender hereClick here to see how the X4 Labs extender compares to several other extenders on the market today.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most common types of penile surgery are ligament cutting, liposuctioned fat injection, and dermal grafting.

Ligament cutting surgery involves the cutting of ligaments that hold the penis in place.  This is done so that a part of the penis that used to be inside the body, will hang outside the body. Many people that have undergone this surgery experienced little or no gains, so this type of surgery is not recommended.

Fat injection involves injecting fat from the abdomen or thighs into the penis. This type of surgery is not effective, as up to 90% of the fat injected is reabsorbed by the body within a year.  Worse, there are side effects that impact on the cosmetics of the penis.  For these reasons, this type of surgery is also not recommended.

Dermal implant surgery involves taking tissue from the groin or butt and grafting it to the penis.  The purpose is to increase the width of the penis during erection. A study conducted in 1995-1997 shows that for 39 men that have had the surgery, their penis diameter increased anywhere from 1.1 to 2.1cm without having experienced any complications. Although it looks promising, penile surgery remains highly risky. You are encouraged to look into other methods before resorting to something as risky as surgery.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills only serve to temporarily enlarge your penis by driving blood to it. When used on their own, these pills will not permanently enlarge your penis. However, taking the right kind of pills before an exercise session (e.g. stretching and jelqing) can make the workout more effective and maximize your gains.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Some people have experienced gains in both length and girth with the use of penis pumps.  However, some of those people have experienced injuries resulting from the use of badly-designed pumps. The pressure in the pump can be difficult to control, making your penis prone to injuries such as bruising, blood clots and nerve damage. The only type of pump we would recommend are hydropressure pumps which use water pressure to result in effective gains in both length and girth, and are relatively a lot safer than air pumps. For the best penis pump I’ve come across, check out the bathmate here.


-All types of penile surgery are risky.  Some types of penile surgery are both risky and ineffective.  However, if you must take the risk, dermal implant surgery seems to be the more effective compared to other surgeries.

-Pills will only work to maximize your gains if they’re taken in conjunction with penis exercises (and/or the use of a penis extender).

-Penis pumps are effective, but riskier than manual exercises and penis extenders.

Lastly, as I’ve said time and again, I firmly believe that manual exercises (i.e. the recommended PenisAdvantage Program) combined with the use of a good extender (i.e. the recommended X4 Labs Extender) will result in fast gains in the safest way possible. This is the most crucial piece of information you can get on how to make your penis bigger naturally in the shortest possible time.

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